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Courtney Benatar

Courtney Benatar

Hi! My name is Courtney and I’m a teacher and the social activities co-ordinator at Lewis school.  This means you’ll either find me in a classroom or helping students explore cities across the UK, usually starting in Southampton itself.

I have experience teaching varying ages and levels and I’ve been lucky enough to teach in Thailand, China and Peru.

I’m an avid traveler and travel as much as possible. My other interests include reading and hiking.

I’ll probably ask you for some tips on new places to visit and welcome any questions you may have.

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Photo ofCourtney Benatar ~ Lewis School of English
Courtney Benatar ~ Lewis School of English
Job Title
Teacher & Adults Social Activity Organiser
Lewis School of English

Marcella Ciravegna

Hello! I am Marcella, Head of Marketing and Operations at the Lewis School. I began my career as a teacher of English and then a school director in Italy. Then my curiosity for different cultures and passion for different language learning processes saw me travel extensively around the world before relocating to the UK over 20 years ago.



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