New-Look Online Teacher Training Platform

We’ve improved our online, tutor-led teacher training courses with a new look and new features!

The virtual platform, Lewis Online Learning, now has additional video and quiz content, a fresh layout, and the ability to study offline on an app.

What makes Lewis Online Learning different is that it combines self-study, collaborative group tasks and weekly live lessons on Zoom. While the courses are tutor-led, they don’t require everyone to be online at the same time. The participants perform a variety of individual and collaborative tasks, but can do so at a time that suits them (before a specified deadline), with a tutor offering feedback and support throughout.

Articles, discussions, videos and quizzes provide lively and varied content, and with just five hours’ time commitment per week, the workload is highly manageable. By the end of the course, there is always a great sense of friendship and team spirit – teachers come away with new contacts as well as lots of teaching tips and lesson ideas that they can use straight away with their students.

Four courses are available:
Helping Students with Pronunciation
Student-Centred Teaching
Communicative Teaching & Activities
Getting Creative with Resources

Each runs for 2-4 weeks and has a maximum size of 12, to provide plenty of individual attention. Over 300 teachers from 12 countries have taken part in the last three years, and feedback has been very positive. Dana from Jordan described her course as “amazingly creative and enjoyable”, while Alicia from Chile found that “the course content was innovative and very useful [and] tutor support was excellent.”

Abby Croucher, Course Director, comments that the “aim is to offer teachers the convenience and flexibility of online professional development while maintaining the benefits of learning through social interaction with others.”

Other online courses provided by the Lewis School include General English, 1:1 lessons and the popular Storytelling course for junior students.

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