Junior Group Programmes

Our school has been buzzing with life this winter and spring with junior groups from Pakistan, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Germany and Thailand. We welcomed over 700 junior students between January and June!

Some groups have stayed for just a few days, while others have had a three-week visit. For everyone, it’s an action-packed stay, with fun and interactive English lessons, museum visits, trips to London and other popular tourist destinations, and school-based activities from barbecues to scavenger hunts. Our students stay with homestay hosts, enriching their time here with the chance to experience the local way of life with local people, and of course to practise their English even more!

The most popular programme for our Year-Round (Off-Peak) groups is Culture Week. This gives students the opportunity to learn about city’s history and culture in the classroom before experiencing it first-hand through visits to museums and other attractions.

Each day is themed. For example, students learn the story of the Titanic disaster – probably the most famous event in Southampton’s history – and visit the SeaCity Museum, where they can build on that knowledge with a specially-designed Titanic quiz and interactive museum displays. Other themes includes Tudor England (the time of Shakespeare, Queen Elizabeth I and Henry VIII and his six wives), World War II, Saxon England and the legend of King Arthur (which includes a visit to the beautiful ancient city of Winchester).

Students love the experience of learning English through culture. They can take a break from the study of grammar and use their English to express themselves while exploring interesting topics. Many programmes end with the students preparing and giving a presentation on a topic they have learnt about during the week – a great way to develop speaking skills, consolidate the knowledge gained and build confidence.

If you’re interested in bringing your group to the Lewis School, we’d be delighted to hear from you. We can tailor-make the programme to meet your group’s specific needs.

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