Covid-19 Insurance Cover Details

COVID-19 Insurance Cover

COVID-19 Additional cover for Delayed Return and Hospitalisation Benefits (in the U.K.).

Note: Medical Epidemics and pandemics which are declared known events – including COVID-19 – are excluded from the standard cover provided under all sections of your policy other than under Section 2 – Emergency medical and other expenses. For additional clarity a specific medical epidemic and pandemic exclusion has been added to the policy on this basis (General Exclusion 15).

This section provides limited additional cover and applies in combination with the Endsleigh International Student Studying in the UK Group Travel Insurance Policy issued to the Group Policyholder.
This section details additional cover provided for Delayed Return and Hospitalisation Benefits, caused directly by COVID-19 with cover commencing once the Beneficiary has lawfully entered the UK, having satisfactorily

  1. cleared immigration into the UK having complied fully with all relevant government and local authority travel requirements at point of departure on the trip and point of arrival into the UK including but not limited to visa, vaccination, inoculation, health test and
    screening requirements and certification, and
  2. completed any period of self-isolation required on arrival into the UK.
    and applies only to trips where the Scheduled return date is within 6 Months of the scheduled arrival date into the UK.

Covid-19 Delayed Return

What is covered

We will pay up to £1,000 for reasonable additional transport only of the identical class of travel utilised on the outward journey, or accommodation expenses incurred, up to the standard of the Beneficiary’s original booking, if the Beneficiary’s is in self isolation on the date that they are due to return to their Home Country, having been personally instructed to do so by NHS Test and Trace or the NHS COVID-19 app as a result of being exposed to someone who has been diagnosed with Covid-19.
Covid-19 Hospitalisation Benefit

What is covered

If the Beneficiary is admitted to hospital in the United Kingdom as an in-patient whilst on a Trip during the Period of Cover due to their being infected with Covid-19, We will pay £100 for every complete 24 hours the Beneficiary remains in hospital as an in-patient, up to a maximum of
£1,400. In total.
Special Conditions

  1. Cover is subject to the Definitions, General conditions applicable to the whole Group Policy, Claims Conditions, Important conditions relating to health and the General exclusions applicable to all sections of the Group Policy (with the exception of General exclusion 15 which will not apply to this extension).
  2. The Period of Cover is automatically extended for up to 30 days in total (unless otherwise agreed in writing by The Insurer) in the event that the Beneficiary’s return to their Home Country is unavoidably delayed due their being in self isolation in the circumstances detailed in this endorsement.3. If the Beneficiary is diagnosed by a Medical Practitioner and/or hospital as having Covid-19, or tests positive for Covid-19 using a UK government approved Covid-19 testa. that is self-administered and delivers results with or without laboratory analysis; orb. administered at a UK Government approved / NHS test site; orc. administered by a private sector provider that has completed or is undergoing UKAS accreditation
    between commencing their period of self-isolation and returning to their Home Country, the Delayed Return benefit will be replaced by the cover provided under Section 2 – Emergency medical and other expenses, item 4, provided that the test result is registered the result with the NHS within 24 hours.
  1. In the event that the Beneficiary needs to claim under these additional covers, they will need to provide (as appropriate) either• evidence that they had been instructed by the NHS to be in self isolation at the time they were due to return to their Home Country; or• a certificate issued by a Medical Practitioner or hospital confirming their admission to hospital as an in-patient due to their being infected with Covid-19


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