CertTESOL Graduates Share Their Experience

Zoom session among participants on our CertTESOL course

If you’ve ever thought about a career in TEFL or wondered what it’s like to train as an English language teacher on our CertTESOL course, have a look at the video below!
Kat, Lucy, Ben and Geoff took our part-time CertTESOL course from January to April and kindly agreed to meet up on Zoom to tell you all about. Here, the discuss why they did the course, what they enjoyed the most and what it was like teaching online.
The course starts with input sessions exploring language learning theory, grammar and – most importantly – effective techniques and ideas to help you develop your skills in teaching and lesson planning. Observed teaching practice is then gradually introduced. This was what our CertTESOL graduates found the most useful aspect of the course. They had the chance to teach real classes of international students, starting with a 30-minute segment and building up to 60-minute lessons, each time under the guidance of a tutor and with plenty of helpful feedback.

This particular course was disrupted by the lockdown, which began in March, so everything (the input sessions and teaching practice) had to move online. Their course tutor, Abby, describes in a separate blog article how brilliantly all our trainees adapted to this situation.
Our next course is fully online and begins on 25 August. You can visit our CertTESOL page, download our course brochure or contact us on LiveChat to find out more.
But if you’d like to hear about it ‘from the horse’s mouth’, sit back and let our four graduates tell you their story!

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