A Creative Course for Busy Teachers

Getting Creative with Resources

Here at the Lewis School of English, we’re helping busy language teachers to find, adapt and create teaching materials on its online course ‘Getting Creative with Resources’. The convenient part-time format has led to two courses selling out already this year, with more available in May and September.

A Bit of Theory and Lots of Practical Tips!

As every teacher knows, finding engaging lesson materials can be time-consuming. The two-week course addresses this problem in various ways, with a bit of theory and plenty of practical tips! It’s aimed at teachers of primary, secondary and adult students.
Firstly, participants look at ways of exploiting authentic materials, both to save on planning time and to expose their learners to real-world language. The course then explores how to create your own materials using free, high-quality online tools. Teachers also learn and apply frameworks for evaluating materials, and develop techniques for making low-preparation, adaptable and engaging lesson activities that they can use time and time again.

Flexible, Manageable & Collaborative

What makes our course different is its flexibility and the combination of individual and group tasks. The participants complete exercises individually and collaboratively, but can do so at a time that suits them (before a specified deadline). The tutors provide feedback and support throughout the course, while a weekly Zoom meeting concludes each module. With just five hours’ time commitment per week, the workload is highly manageable. By the end, there is also a great sense of friendship and team spirit – teachers come away with new contacts from around the world as well as lots of lesson ideas.
Shireen from Palestine commented, “The course… helped so much to make our lessons more enjoyable. ‘It’s unusual and fun’ was one of the comments from parents (the parents are watching my classes too)… Amazing feeling!”
Find out more about this online teacher training course here, or watch our video below.


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