England is going into lockdown from 5 November to 2 December.

Schools, including the Lewis School of English, will stay open, so you can attend your classes. However, there are new rules about when you can and can’t leave your home.

When can I leave the house?

You must not leave your home except in certain situations. You can leave your home for these

• To go to school / college / university
• To go to work (if you can’t work from home)
• To shop for food and essentials
• Outdoor exercise. You can exercise outdoors alone, with other people in your
household, or with one other person who is from another household (the ‘one plus one’
• For all medical reasons and appointments
• To escape injury or harm
• To care for the vulnerable or volunteer
• If you live alone, you can visit friends or family in one other house. This is called your
support bubble.

Can I meet other people at home?

No. However, you can meet one other person outside for exercise.

If you live alone, people in your support bubble can visit you – see

Can I travel?

Most outbound international travel will be banned.

You can still travel for the reasons above, such as going to school, exercising or buying food. You
are encouraged to walk or cycle where possible, and to plan ahead and avoid busy times and
routes on public transport. This will allow you to practise social distancing while you travel.

Which businesses will close?

Many businesses will be closed during lockdown. These include:
• cafes and restaurants
• pubs
• leisure and entertainment venues
• non-essential shops (for example, clothes shops)

In churches, mosques and other places of worship, communal/group worship is not allowed
(except for funerals). Only individual worship is allowed.
Team sports and children’s activities are not allowed. Only elite sport (such as Premier League
football) is allowed, behind closed doors.

Which businesses will be open?

• essential shops (for example, supermarkets and pharmacies)
• schools, colleges, universities and nurseries
• takeaway and delivery services
• public services such as job centres and courts

Are there any changes at school?

Yes. We’ve introduced two important changes to keep everyone safer.

• You must now wear masks everywhere inside the building, including in classrooms
• We will open the windows for 10 minutes every hour, to help with ventilation

I have a question!

If you have any questions, please ask us – we’ll be happy to help.

You can also find information on the UK Government website at



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