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Message on 23 July 2020


Dear Colleagues,


We trust you are all well and planning ahead for this brave new (post- COVID19) world.

It certainly feels very strange to be in mid-July without a student in sight at the Adult school or junior centres!  We have however continued to attract both Adult &  Junior students and Teachers to our online courses  – so there is plenty of encouraging online activity with a number of new projects in the pipeline.  Thanks to all of you who have contributed to their success!  We now expect online teaching to be fully part of our future courses offerings.

Despite the ongoing uncertainty about social distancing and international travelling, we are delighted to announce that we are re-opening Lewis School in Southampton on 7th September for face to face teaching to Adults (16+)  and off peak junior groups.  It’s time to ‘draw a line in the sand’ on COVID19 and welcome students back to the UK, the school and our homestays.

We will of course be fully compliant with any health & safety measures prevailing at that time.   We will also be revising our booking and payment conditions by offering more flexible cancellation terms.  We will be publishing these updates in due course – both of which are designed to instill more confidence in our clients.

It’s going to be a long road to recovery for all of us.  Lockdown has caused us to re-think the way we do certain things.  We have had to be creative and nimble on our feet.  I am optimistic that, in time, we will emerge from this crisis as a ‘refreshed’ and even stronger organisation.  I very much hope you will join us on that journey!


Warmest regards,


Lewis School of English


Lewis School

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