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A Wonderfully Wintery Winchester


How many shops does Southampton’s shopping centre have?

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How long is the drive from Southampton to Winchester?

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What is the name of the monument at the centre of Winchester?

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What two things did the carts in front of the cathedral sell?

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What is in the middle of the Christmas market?

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A Wonderfully Wintery Winchester
🌟 👏 Super!
You answered correctly to all questions!
👍 Well done!
You answered correctly to almost all questions!
Hmmm ... You can do better than that!
Why don't you try again for a better score 🙂
😱 Your score shows you did not read the article carefully.
Why don't you try again?

Marcella Ciravegna

Hello! I am Marcella, Head of Marketing and Operations at the Lewis School. I began my career as a teacher of English and then a school director in Italy. Then my curiosity for different cultures and passion for different language learning processes saw me travel extensively around the world before relocating to the UK over 20 years ago.

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