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We’re Always Here to Help You!

Studying English in the UK is a wonderful experience and we want you to be having the best possible time here at the Lewis School. However if you are having any problems with your lessons, your accommodation, or are facing any personal difficulties, please come and speak to us – we are here for you. Please also feel free to ask any of us about your stay or about learning English. We’re always happy to help!

Culture Shock

This is a term that we use for feelings that you may have when you first arrive in a new country. You may feel homesick and everything is very different from what you are accustomed to. You may feel frustrated because people don’t understand what you are trying to say, you may not like the food or you may feel everything is confusing and overwhelming.

Please come and talk to us if you feel this way – there is always someone at school who will be happy to listen to you. You can also talk to your homestay hosts. Not everybody feels this way, but it can be difficult and upsetting if you do. Sometimes it also helps to talk to other students from your country as they can understand what you are experiencing.

Students on patio

Students on our patio

Information About Living in Southampton and the UK

To help you settle into life in Southampton we have made a Pre-Arrival Guide to help you prepare for your stay, and a Student Zone on our website with useful information for when you are here. In the Student Zone, you will find information about the following.

Lewis School Pre-Arrival Guide
Visit the Student Zone

Discipline Policy

Our priority at the Lewis School of English is to provide a safe, friendly and caring place to study offering the best conditions for your learning. It is very important to us that everyone at the school behaves respectfully towards each other and towards the school buildings and facilities. This includes when in homestay and residential accommodation and on social activities. We ask all students to think about other people at all times, and remember that something that may be fine for one person might be upsetting or unacceptable to another person. This is particularly important in our multicultural school.

If someone’s behaviour is a concern to you, please speak to Suzie, our Welfare Manager or another member of staff, and we will quickly try to resolve the issue.

You can read our Discipline Policy in full on our School Policies page.


We take great care to ensure the safety and well-being of all our students. As our minimum age in the Adult School is 16, have set up special procedures to ensure the maximum care of all students under 18.

Firstly, we have very robust safeguarding procedures. For example, all of our staff are DBS-checked (police-checked) and receive training in safeguarding issues. The main host in all homestay accommodation for under-18s is also DBS-checked. You can read our Safeguarding Policy in full on our School Policies page.

Secondly, we have special welfare procedures for students under 18. This includes weekly tutorials to check that you are ok. Please note, however, that we are not responsible for your supervision outside lesson times (this is different to our junior programmes, which have a much higher level of supervision). See below for full details.

Policy for Under-18s in the Adult School

Travelling to the UK
• If you are travelling alone, you must bring a completed parental consent form and show it to the airport staff.

On Arrival in the UK
• You must let us know your travel arrangements from the airport/station/port to Southampton. We recommend taxi transfers, which we can arrange, but if you would like to travel by train or coach, please let us know and we can help you.

At School
• You must attend weekly welfare tutorials so that we can check everything is ok.
• You must attend all lessons at all times.
• We have free Study Clubs and optional social activities at extra cost. There may be some social activities, such as pub nights, which you will not be able to attend because they are for students over 18 only.
• We sometimes have evening parties at the school. You are welcome to attend these but you must not drink any alcohol.

Outside School
• Lewis School of English is not responsible for your supervision outside class times.
• In the UK, you must be over 18 to buy alcohol or cigarettes.

Download our Parental Consent Form >

Talk to Us!

Suzie Brierley

Suzie Brierley
Welfare Manager

Michelle Sandford

Michelle Sandford
Welfare & Administration Officer

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School Emergency Number

If you need our help in an emergency, call the school on +44 23 8022 8203. If the school is closed, listen for the emergency number on the voicemail message.

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