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Covid Safety at Lewis Junior Centres

We will continue to monitor government and venue guidelines and will update our procedures accordingly, informing you of any important changes.

Safety at the Centre

If government restrictions are in place in the location of your junior centre, the following measures will apply:


We will take a ‘bubble’ approach to grouping students. There are a number of ways this can be done, for example by group or by keeping students on morning and afternoon lessons separate.

Masks & Social Distancing

Masks must be worn in corridors and in all communal indoor spaces at the school (they are not required outdoors or in classrooms).
• Everyone must keep a distance of 1m+ at all times.
• In class, all students will sit 1m+ apart. Furniture will be arranged to make distancing easier. • We have a one-way system in parts of the school. Follow the arrows!
• Clear signage explaining rules and procedures will be visible throughout the school and these will be explained clearly on the student’s first day.


• Hand sanitiser will be available throughout the school.• All classroom surfaces such as tabletops and chairs are sanitised at the end of each lesson.

• We will open classroom windows regularly to ensure good ventilation.• We will arrange a regular deep clean to make the school as safe as possible.


Students, staff and hosts will be expected to take regular Covid tests, in line with government guidelines.

Safety in Your Accommodation

In Homestay

• Your homestay is risk assessed for Covid safety before we place you. We also ask you to complete a risk declaration. Together, this helps to ensure the safety of both you and your host.
• Our hosts receive detailed information about Covid safety procedures, and our Homestay Officer personally discusses these with each host; so you can be sure of a safe home environment.
• Students travelling to the centre by bus are required to wear a mask on all public transport.

In Residential Accommodation

• You’ll have an en-suite room. Our residence partners have also increased the frequency of cleaning.
• Access to the common room will be limited to specific times for each bubble, to help with social distancing.


• If you need to self-isolate, procedures for this will be in place, in line with government guidelines

Safety Outside the Campus

• As with lessons, we will take a ‘bubble’ approach to grouping students for activities.
• Masks are required for indoor public spaces such as shops, museums and public transport.
• Students will be supervised on all activities to ensure safety and social distancing.

Here to Help You!

We’re always available to help, so please feel free to contact us – by email or by phone +44 23 8022 8203 – if you have any questions or concerns.

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Updated 21 May 2021



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