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UK Laws – Student Zone

UK Law may be different to laws in your country. Make sure you are aware of the following.


You must be 18 to buy alcohol.
Buying alcohol for under-18s is also illegal.
If you look under 25, you may have to show your passport or national ID card.


You must be 18 to buy cigarettes.
You are not allowed to smoke in indoor public places (pubs, restaurants, shops etc).


Using and/or possessing drugs is illegal.
If the police find drugs on you, you will be arrested and you may go to prison.


Damaging property (eg graffiti, breaking windows) is illegal.
If the police catch you doing this, you may have to pay a fine.


If you are caught stealing from a shop, the police will be called.


It is illegal to carry weapons (knives, guns etc.).
If the police stop you, you may have to pay a fine.
If you attack someone with a weapon, you may go to prison.

UK policeman

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