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Shelley Marie Dermody


Hi everyone! I’m Shelley and the Director of Studies (DoS) at Lewis School of English. I have worked as an EFL teacher since 2011, and during this time,I’ve been lucky enough to teach students from all over the world. Before starting with the Lewis School of English, I worked as an Assistant Director of Studies, Director of Studies for different summer schools as well as an English for Academic Purposes Tutor at the University of Southampton. I have taught on both Adult and Young Learner courses, so I have a lot of experience in different environments.

I love studying and learning new skills. I have a Master’s in Child Studies (Social Sciences and Education) from the Linköping University, Sweden, a Master’s in TEFL and Applied Linguistics from the Universidad Europea del Atlántico, Santander, Spain, and I’m completing another in Translation Studies from the University of Portsmouth. I hope in the future to find time to complete a PhD in Linguistics too.

During my teaching and academic careers, I have lived in Spain, Italy and Mexico and spent a lot of time in Sweden. These have been great experiences as they have helped me to explore my other passions of travelling and learning new languages.

If you have any questions about the types of courses you can take, your timetable, or you just want a chat, please come and talk to me. I’m always happy to help.

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Shelley Marie Dermody
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Lewis School of English


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