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Reflective Teaching

This is one of our most popular teacher refresher courses.
We welcome both groups and individuals.
We are not listing specific dates for our teacher refresher courses as we have found that potential participants' availability can vary significantly over school holidays. Instead, contact us and we will try to match you up with like-minded applicants.

Eligible for Erasmus+ funding

Primary & secondary teachers

Maximum class size: 15

Minimum age: 18

Minimum level: Higher Intermediate (B2)

Manage your professional development effectively

Explore recent new approaches to language teaching

Take away new ideas and activities for your lessons

The course will cover some or all of the following areas:

– Strategies to help teachers manage their own professional development
– The importance of reflective practice, both in and on action
– Key issues and recent development in teaching methodology
– Classroom management and student-centred teaching techniques
– Error-correction and minimising L1 in the classroom
– Classroom layout and dynamics, and teaching large classes
– Differentiating lessons and how to design materials for all learner types
– Materials development and course book management

As teachers, we are often looking beyond the four walls of our classroom for inspiration, whether that comes from sources such as colleagues, online forums or conferences. These can all provide us with excellent ideas for our own development, but ultimately, we are the best placed people to understand our own students’ needs, and the practicalities and impracticalities within our varied teaching contexts. With great insight comes great responsibility.

It is therefore essential that we become reflective teachers, who can evaluate what is successful in our own teaching practice, and consider any changes that might be necessary or appropriate for the environment in which we work. This hands-on course will give you the opportunity to learn from and share ideas with your peers, as well as collaboratively exploring a variety of ways in which we can all enhance our teaching.

Reflecting effectively and fine-tuning our teaching requires that we constantly challenge ourselves to experiment with new approaches, methods, techniques and procedures. One size does not fit all, and therefore by taking an intelligent and eclectic approach we are destined to cultivate a large toolkit of skills enabling us to attend to all groups and individuals.

This course includes micro-teaching and a personalised CPD session so that development of key skills can be cultivated based on your individual needs, and within a meaningful and authentic context.

Sample 1-week timetable

Please note that this timetable is a framework for the course, and that on receiving the participants’ pre-course questionnaires we may make slight adjustments to the focus of the sessions. This will be done for the sole purpose of ensuring the relevance of its contents to the objectives of the participants and their applying organisations. A final draft will be emailed prior to the course start date, with justifications for any proposed changes.

During the course, participants will be asked to complete a Reflective Journal as an actionable record of their learning. Follow up support is available via email and participants will be encouraged to report on their progress. A Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) will be set up for participants to collaborate online.



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