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Materials Development

This is one of our most popular teacher refresher courses. We welcome both groups and individuals.
We are not listing specific dates for our teacher refresher courses as we have found that potential participants’ availability can vary significantly over school holidays. Instead, contact us and we will try to match you up with like-minded applicants.

Eligible for Erasmus+ funding

Primary, secondary & private language sector school teachers

Maximum class size: 12

Minimum age: 18

Minimum level: Higher Intermediate (B2)

Also available in your country

Create, adapt and evaluate materials effectively

Incorporate online and authentic materials into your lessons

Increase your repertoire of “no materials” activities

The course will cover some or all of the following areas:

– Learner styles and learning difficulties to consider when using materials
– Grading, contextualising and personalising materials
– Teaching techniques that cultivate a student-centred learning environment
– Course book evaluation, adaptation, supplementation
– Designing materials from scratch, and adapting and exploiting materials
– The use of authentic materials in the classroom (video, audio, written)
– Differentiating your materials
– ICT in the classroom
– No-materials and materials-light teaching
– The IPA and Pronunciation

Sample 1-week timetable

Please note that this timetable is a framework for the course, and that on receiving the participants’ pre-course questionnaires we may make slight adjustments to the focus of the sessions. This will be done for the sole purpose of ensuring the relevance of its contents to the objectives of the participants and their applying organisations. A final draft will be emailed prior to the course start date, with justifications for any proposed changes.

The use of materials can enhance and speed up students’ language development; affect classroom dynamics and behaviour; and, help teachers to build more creative and learner-centred lessons. This course promises to enrich your current capabilities surrounding materials development and application. You’ll leave the course equipped with more ideas, tools, tricks and tips.

The course will start with an investigation into popular theories underlying the use of materials. This needs analysis activity will enable you to fully critique the use of materials in preparation for the next phase, which will be to explore and experience a multitude of ways in which materials can be sourced, designed, manipulated and utilised within the classroom to affect learning positively. We will also examine some methods and techniques that should be considered when managing materials.

During the course you will keep a study journal that will aid your preparation for the final day’s micro-teach session, as well as serve as an archive of ideas for future reference. You will leave the course with a collection of activities and materials ready for use in your own classes.

During the course, participants will be asked to complete a Reflective Journal as an actionable record of their learning. Follow up support is available via email and participants will be encouraged to report on their progress. A Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) will be set up for participants to collaborate online.



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