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Language, Methodology & Culture

This is one of our most popular teacher refresher courses.

The Language, Methodology & Culture course is designed to cater to multiple aims:

- To provide an opportunity for English teachers to practise and develop their English language skills

- To develop your skills as a professional (CPD), working from your current skillset and adding to it

- To explore modern British life and culture in order to satisfy the history-buff/anglophile in you!

We welcome both groups and individuals.

We are not listing specific dates for our teacher refresher courses as we have found that potential participants' availability can vary significantly over school holidays. Instead, contact us and we will try to match you up with like-minded applicants.

Eligible for Erasmus+ funding

Primary, secondary & adult teachers

Maximum class size: 15

Minimum age: 18

Minimum level: Higher Intermediate (B2)

Also available in your country

Further develop your English language skills

Brush up on your knowledge of British culture

Explore new lesson ideas and approaches

The course will cover some or all of the following areas:

– Focused language development for non-native English teachers NB. A language needs questionnaire will be sent to every participant before the course.
– Developed knowledge of British life and culture
– Strategies to increase learner motivation and involvement
– New methods of teaching grammar
– Materials development for language teaching
– Classroom management techniques that affect behaviour and learning progress.

Sample 1-week timetable

You will experience the interlocution of language in situ, thereby untangling the cobwebs apparent when not getting the immersive experience to maintain or even advance your own language level within an artificial situation. You will have the opportunity to focus on your own language, as opposed to only your students’. Of course, in turn this will benefit your students while you return to the classroom with updated language, improved pronunciation, and new-fangled expressions to teach. Participants require a minimum language level of B1/B2 (CEFR) to attend the course so by no means do we expect the proficient speaker in the classroom.


Through demonstrations on approaches such as Dogme ELT; methods like Silent Way and TBL; techniques such as eliciting and ‘POP’; and the design/ use of materials such as by humanising coursebooks, you will be experiencing them from the perspective of the student, thereby providing a meaningful and experiential insight into the effects. In between, we will analyse and discuss the strategies used in some depth. By the end of the session, you will have adapted those ideas so they are recyclable within your own teaching contexts.


Together we shall explore aspects of modern British life and culture, which will include an exploration into some British history, mythology and relating areas. Many of the language lesson demonstrations will be themed around culture, essentially killing two birds with one stone. During the course you will be networking with native speakers, collecting relevant authentic materials, and taking part in the school’s social and cultural programme.

During the course, participants will be asked to complete a Reflective Journal as an actionable record of their learning. Follow up support is available via email and participants will be encouraged to report on their progress. A Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) will be set up for participants to collaborate online.



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