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The charity dedicated to feeding the city’s homeless Have you ever heard of the 500-year-old Sikh practice of Langar? Don’t worry if you haven’t – it was a new one for me too. You might also be wondering what this religious tradition has got to do with modern day Southampton. Well, as this week was 
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The Life of an Activity Leader at the Lewis School of English You know that sinking feeling you get on a Sunday evening? It starts to niggle at you somewhere around 6pm at the end of every weekend, only to grow into a grey, dragging gloom which follows you on your way to work and 
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Three reasons why you’ll love England’s hidden gem Do you dream of a life that is vibrant, exciting and full of endless possibilities? I certainly used to. I moved from city to city both at home and abroad searching for that life. Cardiff, Innsbruck, Catania. I looked high and low, waiting and wondering. That is 
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