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About Alistair Walker

Hello! I’m Alistair, the owner and Director of the Lewis School of English. My core responsibility is to ensure that we create the best possible conditions for learning to take place – that you all feel comfortable and relaxed in our learning environment. Your welfare and safety are our top priority.

I have been involved with English language teaching for over 30 years as a teacher, academic manager and a school owner /Director. For me it’s not about teaching – it’s about learning. As teachers our aim is to create the optimum conditions for learning to take place. Learning can take place without the teacher – 
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Today I’ve been on a training course in London about crisis management and emergency response. It’s all about having a plan and training staff to respond quickly and effectively if an emergency arises. It’s all part of our duty of care to students and staff. Here is a new style of the iconic London taxi 
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Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, all our programmes in Southampton, Reading and New Forest are cancelled.
We continue running ONLINE COURSES for Juniors, Adults and Teachers. The School will RE-OPEN on 7 SEPTEMBER 2020 for face to face teaching.


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