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Military English

What can we offer?

We offer bespoke Military English courses for individuals or groups of military personnel who require English for their working and social lives.

Foreign military forces work all over the world within a number of organisations where English is the working language. All ranks, from an OR-1 to an OF-9, often require a working knowledge of English in order to operate adequately. We provide tailor-made courses for groups and individuals. These develop your confidence in operating in English in a military organisation.

Each trainee will take part in a needs analysis in order for individual communication needs and training requirements to be identified. An officer from the relevant service will have input into this needs analysis. NATO STANAG 6001 language guidelines will be used to underpin the design of the course.

Course Content

The content of your Military English course will depend on the requirements of the trainee(s), but can cover preparation for:
• Operations in organisations where English is the working language, such as the UN and NATO.
• Multinational exercises.
• Officer entry courses (Dartmouth, Sandhurst, Cranwell).
• Courses in the UK and the US e.g. Advanced Command and Staff Course.
• Seminars, presentations and keynote speeches.

Where necessary and appropriate we can arrange visits to military establishments subject to MoD clearance (only for UK based courses).


All our Military English trainers are highly skilled. We have a team of ex-military personnel, from the Navy, Army and Air Force. They have spent many years working at various levels in the Armed Forces. They come with experience of working in conflict zones, peacekeeping, working with NATO and the UN as well as home-based tasks.

In addition, all our Military English trainers are qualified and experienced English teachers. Where appropriate and necessary we will also use other military experts to provide additional input.

Where do the courses take place?

Lewis School of English is proud to offer a flexible approach to course provision.
• Bespoke courses for groups or individuals, delivered at Lewis School of English, Southampton.
• Bespoke courses for groups delivered at your base, in your country, by our trainers.
• Online one-to-one lessons where appropriate.

Structure of Courses

The length and type of course will depend on individual and group needs. Each course is designed to meet the specific language needs of the client and is delivered on request. Examples are:

• Military English (group)

A group with similar language development needs, e.g. all due to be deployed in a UN peacekeeping role where English is the lingua franca.

• Military English (individual)

A one-to-one course designed to enable the individual to communicate in an English-speaking military environment.

• General English (closed military group) + Military English (group)

This course focuses on everyday English, which gives a strong linguistic foundation for the trainees. In addition, a specific Military English course will complement the course. It will be designed to meet the specific military language needs of the group.

• General English with a group of non-military students + Military English (group/ one-to-one)

The military students will join a group of civilian students for the General English programme. This provides the opportunity to communicate and socialise in English with a wide range of individuals. As the courses are held at our school in Southampton, students benefit from immersing themselves in an English-speaking environment. The Military English course for the military personnel will be designed to meet the specific military language needs of the group or individual.

• Online one-to-one lessons

These lessons will be provided to students with a specific need, e.g. presenting at a NATO conference.

It is strongly advised, for the trainee’s benefit, that absolute beginners attend a General English course first before attending the bespoke Military English courses. It is recommended that students attending the Military Course should be functioning at a minimum English level of Intermediate (B1 on the Common European Framework of Reference for Language) before starting the course. However, this can be discussed on an individual basis if students are attending long-term courses.

Accommodation in Southampton

Students attending courses in Southampton may wish to stay in one of our homestays which will enable them to live with a local host. This allows for total immersion in English, which is shown to have benefits for the language development of students. Other accommodation options are also available.

What do trainees get?

• A bespoke course.
• Training led by military and English language experts.
• Lessons aimed at developing their confidence in communicating and operating in an English-speaking environment.
• Exposure to the British military culture.
• A certificate of attendance and achievement.

Who can I contact for more information?

For further details, or to arrange your tailor-made course, please contact Richenda Askew at

Military English

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