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Promenade Theatre

An exciting itinerant theatre programme around our green city.

For Groups on request.

Ages 11-17 (*)

Higher Intermediate (B2)

Southampton Lewis

If you love performing and want to meet British students, our Promenade Theatre Week is the course for you! Promenade is an outdoor form of theatre where both the actors and the audience move from place to place during the performance. On this course, you'll work towards performing a piece of outdoor theatre against the backdrop of Southampton's beautiful parks and historic old town.

Throughout the week, you'll enjoy sessions on storytelling, performance techniques, playing to an audience and
working from a script - all in a fun and creative environment. It's an experience not to be missed!

* The age range is 11-17. However, we may occasionally accept a younger or older student from the same school year as someone else in the group.

The Promenade Theatre Week is offered at the

Southampton Lewis Junior Summer Centre
1 -8 August 2021
Homestay & No accommodation.

Promenade Theatre Week Timetable

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Watch and see how fun it can be!


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