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Salisbury is a beautiful small city in one of the oldest parts of England. The city’s most famous attraction is its impressive cathedral, right in the centre. The spire is the tallest in Britain (123m). Salisbury Cathedral also houses the Magna Carta, one of the most important documents in English history. It was issued in 1215 and was an agreement between King John and his barons, limiting the powers of the King.

There are many attractive old buildings in the Cathedral Close, and all over the city you can see buildings from medieval times and the Tudor period. Another pretty feature is the River Avon, where you’ll see lots of ducks and swans.

Although it is a small city (it has a population of 110,000), there are lots of shops and there is a market here every Tuesday and Saturday.


Not far from Salisbury is Stonehenge, Europe’s most important ancient monument. Built around 3,000 BC, no one is entirely sure who built it or why it was built. One theory is that it was used as a temple. Another is that it is an astronomical calendar.

Stonehenge remains a symbol of mystery and retains its magical atmosphere.

Old Sarum

Just outside Sailsbury there the massive Iron Age hill fort of Old Sarum, which was re-used by the Romans, Saxons and Normans and was the original settlement of Salisbury.

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30 minutes by train (approximately) to Salisbury
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The Stonehenge Tour – Bus from Salisbury

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