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Art Camp

Meet British students and get creative!

If you like drawing and painting, you’ll love our Art Camp! At our 2-week camp, you’ll meet students from Britain and around the world as you develop your knowledge of art history, acquire new skills and work as a team towards an exhibition. Our camp is for all abilities and interests – no prior art knowledge or skills required! Download our Art Camp info sheet or scroll to find out more.

Art Camp activity - junior summer programmes

Your Art Sessions

  • 15 hours of art per week
  • For UK and international students

  • Work towards an exhibition

Taught by professional art tutors, your sessions will include drawing, painting and printing. You’ll create your own personal art storybook as you explore decisive moments in art history, choosing artworks from the different ages. Follow great art and artists from the time of cave paintings to the 21st century. Learn about the methods and techniques they used. Work in different media to discover their qualities and enjoy experimenting! Topics include:

  • Cave paintings from Lascaux and Altamira, handprints as the first self-portraits
  • Osiris and Egypt
  • The Labyrinth: Ancient Greeks and their myths
  • Early Christianity and mosaics
  • Norman Conquest: The Bayeux Tapestry
  • Renaissance in Italy: Raphael and Michelangelo
  • Freedom of colour: Van Gogh
  • Anti-art: Dadaism and collage
  • Art as play: Paul Klee
  • Pop art: Andy Warhol
Students with New Forest pony

Other Activities

  • 1 full-day trip per week

  • 1 half-day trip per week

  • Variety of daytime activities

  • 2 evening activities per week

Highlights of our activities programme include trips to London, Bath, Salisbury, Southampton and the New Forest, a fish and chips dinner on the beach, and a barbecue party in the school’s field with storytelling around a bonfire. You will also join students on our Classic Programme for a wide range of other activities such as art workshops, music, dance and team games. All of these are designed to help you develop your skills, get creative and have fun with your new friends from around the world.

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Students with New Forest pony

Sample Timetable

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Programme Available in

New Forest: 15-29 July 2018

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New Forest

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