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Adult Social Activities

Just like lessons at Lewis, our social activities programme brings language and learning to life!

Our trips, parties and other activities give you the perfect opportunity to learn about British culture, practise your English and make new friends. We offer a fun and varied social programme all year round, with a mix of free and paid activities.

We organise a day trip every week on Saturday or Sunday. You can visit a range of popular cities, like London, Brighton, Bath and Oxford; world-famous landmarks, such as Stonehenge; and beautiful tourist attractions, like the Isle of Wight, the New Forest, Arundel Castle and the Dorset Coast. Travel is by train except where indicated otherwise. These day trips usually cost between £20 and £40. You can find more information about many destinations by visiting the ‘Days Out Guide’ section of our blog on our Home page.

During the week, you can socialise and have lots of fun in and around Southampton, whatever you enjoy doing. Evening activities include pub trips, barbecue parties, cinema and theatre trips, restaurant meals and international food nights. We also arrange parties for special celebrations, like Halloween and our End-of-Year Party.

Daytime activities include afternoon tea, art and crafts classes, cookery classes, board games, picnics in the park and visits to local attractions. What’s more, we organise sporting activities in the summer, such as football, badminton, cycling, mini golf, horse riding, go-karting and even paintball!

Photos show Stonehenge, The Needles (Isle of Wight), Mini Golf, Stonehenge, Pancake Party, Dorset Coast Trip, Ferry to Isle of Wight, Brighton Trip

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