Kids Camp

Ideal for younger learners

Our Kids Camp is a fun-filled programme of English lessons and activities designed for children aged 8-10. It runs separately to our junior programmes and has a high staff:student ratio on activities (1:8), ensuring an excellent level of care and supervision. Lessons are themed and linked to activities to ensure the fun and learning never stop! Download our Kids Camp info sheet or scroll to find out more.

Please note that only residential accommodation (not homestay) is available with this programme.

Your English Lessons

  • 15 hours of lessons per week

  • Maximum 15 students per class

  • Themed lessons

Learning English is fun on our Kids Camp! Through songs, games and other engaging activities, students have the chance to practise their language and develop their confidence while also having fun. Our lessons are themed to suit the 8-10 age group, and there is a new theme every two days. Many activities follow the same theme, which means that outside the classroom, students can practise using the vocabulary they have studied in their lessons.

Your Activities

  • 1 full-day trip per week

  • 1 half-day trip per week

  • Optional Sunday trips (additional fee)

  • Variety of daytime and evening activities

Our activities programme vary depending on the centre but all are full of magic moments. Trips include a visit to London to see Big Ben and dinosaur fossils at the Natural History Museum; Oxford to see a Harry Potter filming location; and a working farm where you can meet a wide range of farm animals (and even cuddle a few!). Throughout your stay, sports, games, parties and art activities are also on offer, ensuring the fun never stops!


Timetables will be published shortly. Please check again after 1 November.

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Programme Available in

Southampton: 23 July – 6 August 2017
Reading: 9-23 July 2017


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Centre Details

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