Fresh Approach Conferences

We’ve been doing it for a while!

Since 2008, our Fresh Approach conferences have been inspiring teachers around the world to explore new ways of engaging and affecting learners. So far they have helped thousands of teachers bring learning to life!

What is the ‘Fresh Approach’?

Led by our dynamic team of trainers, our events are useful, fun and highly interactive – far removed from the traditional lecture format. At our conferences, you’ll explore different philosophies, methodologies, teaching resources and a multitude of new ideas for the classroom. These range from the latest Internet-based activities to tried-and-tested techniques that require very few or no materials at all!

What have our audiences thought?

Teachers take away practical ideas, which they’ve told us they’ve used immediately with their students – fantastic! We have received 1000s of encouraging testimonials from teachers who have attended one or more of our conferences over the years.

Conference Details

  • For primary, secondary & adult teachers

  • Tailor-made or ready-made

  • Dynamic and interactive

  • Duration: 1/2 day to 2 days

  • Prices from £350 plus presenter expenses (eg flights, accommodation)

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It’s my second time of listening to your genius ideas. I think you even don’t understand how talented you are! Thank you once again for your unbelievable generosity and readiness to share your fantastic experience.

Galina, Russia

Just to let you know that I used the clock idea for my 3rd and 4th years… and they loved it. Have also used Mr Bean for the present continuous and past simple which they also enjoyed and what’s more they didn’t even feel that they were working and were all joining in!

Rosemary, Spain

I just can’t stop myself from congratulating you, really! My students and I are all profiting from it and for that, I’m so grateful. I’ve learned more in an afternoon than I did in many hours [of] courses I took before.

Cristina, Spain

The work you have put into this endeavour is tremendous… you’re passing on some great motivation, ideas and information. I’m still hearing nice things and words of gratitude from my teachers.

John, Turkey

It was a breath of fresh air. It has helped me to feel more motivated.

Celia, Portugal

You have really made my work easier, and gave me a lot of new ideas for teaching. I have already tested some new methods and my pupils were really satisfied.

Alexandra, Romania

What are the most popular sessions?

To date there have been six particular topics of interest, which we have listed here. However, we can offer topics associated with our Training Topics menu.

Making the Most of Materials
Use of images and video

Dialogue Activities
Ways to get students speaking

Online Teaching Toolkit
Teaching using the Internet


The Chameleon Approach
Different classroom layouts

Acting Up
Language through drama


Practising Pronunciation
Fun ideas to bring pronunciation into your lessons

What would you like to find out about?

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