General English (Evening)

Course Details

  • Hours per week: 4

  • Course length: 10 weeks

  • Levels: All

  • Ages: 16+

  • Max. students per class: 12

  • 2017 start dates: 17 Jan, 25 Apr, 26 Sep

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2017 Dates & Fees

17 January – 23 March
25 April – 29 June
26 September – 30 November

Tuesdays and Thursday, 6.00 – 8.15pm

Course fees: £375 for the 10-week course or £40 per week.
Enrolment fee: £30.

Course Description

On day 1 of the course we give you a grammar test and a short speaking test to find out your level, and we place you into a stage. We also give you a tour of the school. Stages 1-4 are described below.

Stage 1: Beginner – Elementary (A1–A2)

Suitable for those who have:

No prior knowledge of the language, and for those who can understand short instructions and take part in basic conversations.

Course content:

Language required for everyday communication in the UK. Fundamentals of English, such as introducing yourself, making requests and completing basic forms.

Stage 2: Pre-Intermediate – Intermediate (A2-B1)

Suitable for those who have:

An understanding of key information within a known area, for example simple text books. Users can write short letters/postcards, and have the ability to express opinions in a limited way.

Course content:

Functional English to enhance your life in the UK and to start your pathway towards employment or study. Examples include asking for directions, talking about your experiences and giving advice.

Stage 3: Intermediate – Intermediate Plus (B1-B2)

Suitable for those who have:

The ability to communicate on a wide range of personal and familiar topics. Can understand detailed instructions or advice. Can write fluid notes while someone is talking.

Course content:

English to support your employability and/or ambitions to study in the UK. Areas include preparing for job interviews, debating and negotiating, seeking clarity of information, and writing complex application forms.

Stage 4: Higher Intermediate  – Advanced (B2-C1)

Suitable for those who have:

The ability to keep up on an academic course, for example the ability to read quickly. Users have a firm understanding of correspondence, documents, and reports, and can talk about complex or sensitive issues, including understanding colloquial phrases.

Course objectives:

You will learn how to express ideas and opinions with greater precision, in a wide range of social and professional contexts. You will develop your ability to use language flexibly, spontaneously and effectively. Areas of language studied include indirect and embedded questions, cleft sentences and fronting.


Experience Your First Day for Free!

Your first day will be free of charge so that you can get to know our approach to teaching before committing to a course. We would then expect payment for the 10-week course before your next session (24-hour payment terms). You can pay at Reception, or for alternative methods please see our How to Pay page.

Other Benefits

Free Afternoon Study Clubs!

You will have the chance to improve your English skills at our free Study Clubs, such as Conversation Club, Guided Self-Study and Grammar Clinic (1-2 sessions per week). Our Study Club topics link to trips and other events on the social activities programme, helping you to practise your English while you have fun! To find out more, see our social activities programme or ask at Reception.

Social Activities (Free & Paid)

We believe social activities are a very important part of your learning programme. Between lesson days, practise the language you have learned while having fun and socialising with other language learners from the school. As well as offering the opportunity to practise your English, social activities help you learn about British culture. Some activities are free while others carry a fee. You can find out about each month’s programme on our social activities page.

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