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Our Philosophy – Linking Learning with Leisure

We believe learning should not be confined to the classroom!

That’s why our activities programmes, as well as being fun-filled, offer opportunities for you to practise your English, develop your soft skills and learn about British culture. On this page, you can find out a little more about how we organise your trips and on-site activities, and how they link to your learning.


For many of our students, the trips are the highlight of our programme!

Each trip has a learning theme that is explored during English lessons and then reinforced during the trip. In this way, you will be prepared with the knowledge and vocabulary to help you get the most out of your visit, making it a more vivid and memorable experience.

On each trip, our Activity Leaders will bring to life the sights of the city with interesting stories and facts, as you discover British culture and attractions first-hand. It’s interactive, too! You will have a specially designed multiple-choice quiz for each trip, so you can practice your English and record what you have learned. At our summer centres these quizzes will be inside your Lewis Passport.

Safety and Welfare on Trips
Your safety and well-being are our top priorities. On all trips, you will be accompanied by our Activity Leaders at a ratio of 1:20. For students aged 8-10, this is 1:8. All our Activity Leaders are trained in welfare and safety issues and many have qualifications in first aid.

You will be supervised at all times. We also provide you with a map for each trip and there is a 24-hour telephone number that you can call if you are lost or in difficulty. To find out more about our welfare procedures, visit our Welfare page.

What Will We See and Do?

For each centre, there is a document for you to view online called ‘Your Guide to Trips’ (for Group Leaders, we also provide a printed copy on arrival). This gives you information about all the full-day and half-day trip destinations, including itineraries, themes and any entries included. There is also a brief guide to each of the Optional Sunday trips on offer. Download this now for Southampton (summer), Southampton (year-round), Reading and the New Forest. The Bristol guide is coming soon. For trip dates, download your centre timetable.

Other Activities

From discos and parties to sports and games, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to have fun and socialise with your new friends. Many activities also develop your soft skills. See some examples below.

• At our Creative IT Workshop, you’ll use your teamworking, technical and artistic skills to create an online video; and then your presentation skills as you share it with the class.

• At our Acting, Singing and Dance Workshops, you’ll be guided by performing arts specialists to improve your performance skills, oral expresssion and body language.

• At Sports sessions we reinforce the values of teamwork and fair play and most are led by specialist Activity Leaders will help you develop your skills.

With all of this conducted in English and in a stimulating international environment, you’ll notice an improvement in your confidence and ability to communicate, and will learn more about other cultures (please note, however, that at our Year-Round Centres we cannot guarantee an international mix). Your activities programme will depend on your centre and on the programme you have chosen. For some activities we also separate students by age. To see the activities on offer in your centre, please check the centre timetable.

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